About B Brand

How do B Brand consultations work?
To complete a B Brand consultation, all you need to do is answer our quick online medical questions. Your answers are then reviewed by our US medical team, who will decide if you are eligible for treatment, and which medication is best for you.
Do I need a prescription to use B Brand?
If you’re eligible for treatment, our medical team will issue you a free private prescription. You don’t need an existing prescription to use our service, and we’re unable to accept prescriptions from other sources.
Do you provide the same medication as my local pharmacy?
Yes, we use the same suppliers as traditional pharmacies and all of our medications are approved by the FDA.
Is the packaging discreet?
Yes. We use plain packaging without any branding or identifying labels.
Will B Brand appear on my bank statement?
Any card payments will be shown under the name B Holding Group.
Is this service confidential?
Yes. Your medical data and order history can only be viewed by our pharmacy staff and prescribers. You can view our Privacy Policy for more information.

Our Service and Pricing

Is B Brand covered by insurance?
No, but your online consultation is completely free, and you don’t need insurance to use it. You’ll only pay for your medication if you choose to order your prescribed treatment.


What are my delivery options?
At checkout, you can select among various delivery options and USPS First Class is included in the cost. If you opt for faster shipping, the amount will be calculated and presented at checkout.
All deliveries include tracking.
*USPS First Class and Priority delivery times may vary based on location.
Which states do you deliver to?
B Brand is accessible across all 50 states, including Washington DC and Guam.

After Sex Treatments

What is doxy-PEP?
Doxy-PEP means taking the antibiotic doxycycline after sex, to prevent getting an STI. It is like a morning-after pill but for STIs. Taking doxy-PEP reduces your chance of acquiring syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia by about two-thirds.
When should I take doxy-PEP?
Two 100 mg pills of doxycycline should be taken ideally within 24 hours but no later than 72 hours after condomless sex. Condomless sex means oral, anal or vaginal/front-hole sex where a condom isn’t used for the entire time.
What about when I have sex again?
If you have sex again within 24 hours of taking doxycycline, take another dose 24 hours after your last dose. You can take doxycycline as often as every day when you are having condomless sex but don’t take more than 200 mg (two 100 mg pills) every 24 hours.
How should I take doxy-PEP?
• Take doxycycline with plenty of water or something else to drink so that it does not get stuck when you swallow. If your stomach is upset by doxycycline, taking it with food may help.
• Some people are more sensitive to the sun when they take doxycycline, so wear sunscreen.
• Please do not share doxycycline with others.
• Avoid dairy products, calcium, antacids, or multivitamins 2 hours before after taking doxycycline