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Ash-Said-It-American-s-Only-Black-Owned-Condom-Company B Brand
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Check out this exclusive with America’s Only black owned condom company B Condoms. Founder & CEO Jason Panda opens up about how the company came about, challenges in development and what’s next for them!

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It's time to change the optics and expectations that people have for their condom company. It's time that a condom company truly leads a movement to promote sexual health and to end health disparities.

Unlike other condom companies that sit on the sidelines and stay mute on health disparities, b condoms is here to initiate conversation, be relevant and lead discussions that give all people a seat at the table. We believe culture is uplifted when we are all part of the discussion. We all have a voice and we all matter.

We have manufactured the best condom in the world and promise to continually deliver the highest quality in testing, reliability, comfort and performance. Your safety is key and we value your trust. We are a community of like-minded and compassionate change-makers that started this movement to make the world safer and more representative of all cultures, backgrounds and languages. This is our world and our experience. Our community reflects the character of our brand, and we will always be heard. We will be respected. We won't take a backseat and sit quietly while corporate tries to say who we should and should not be. We will be true to ourselves. We will be free. We will be authentic. We will refuse to follow.