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MindBodyGreen - Shop Black-Owned & Founded Wellness Brands

MindBodyGreen - Shop Black-Owned & Founded Wellness Brands

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 Image by mbg Creative x Briogeo, John F Peters, Erica Chidi Cohen / contributors

We know we need to elevate and amplify Black voices and creators; we also acknowledge and know that the wellness world can often feel overwhelmingly white at times. This, of course, is not for lack of Black-owned and -founded brands or POC experts but as a function of what sort of voices typically get raised. As someone who writes about clean beauty, the lifestyle space, and general well-being companies and leaders, I know this is something that I can and will be better about going forward. 

"Supporting Black businesses is important because that's the way communities grow and sustain. Black-owned businesses are more likely to hire other black people. It all starts the trend of building and supporting the community," Kristian Henderson, DrPH, professor of public health at George Washington University, a natural lifestyle enthusiast, and the founder of BLK+GRN, tells mbg in a Q&A. "Being a conscientious consumer, in general, is really important. Every time I spend money, I'm deciding what I invest in. So if I say I believe in black women entrepreneurs, if I say I believe in not supporting child labor, if I say I believe in making sure that things are ethically sourced, then the question is: Would the way I spend my money also reflect those same belief systems? I also see that investment beyond the product I'm purchasing. Not only do you get the product, but you're investing in someone else's dreams."

This list is non-exhaustive, of course, but if you are looking for a new online yoga class, hair serum, or candle, start here and buy Black. It's not the most important thing you can do for the movement right now—not by a long shot—but it's well past the time we started giving Black-owned wellness and beauty brands their proper due. 


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