A condom is the simplest yet most effective contraception. You have an 87% chance of avoiding unwanted pregnancy and skin-to-skin STIs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis, while you equally enjoy your partner and sexual life with a condom. This is only possible if you use it correctly. What could be better than this? Condoms come in different textures, flavors, materials, styles down to different condom sizes.

Surprisingly, many men struggle to get the perfect snug, mainly because the condom is too tight, short, long, or loose. Research has proven that 40-50% of people wrongly use condoms. Do not think it is because you have a bigger penis that why your condom is always tight and short or yours is too small when your condom feels loose and long. Everyone has a condom made just for them, and it is up to you to find the right fit. Read on to identify eight signs you are using the wrong condom size.

  1. It is hard to put on

 Like anything else, condom application is not as easy as we think. You need to learn and practice to get the hang of it, but unless you get the right size, there will always be trouble in paradise. Rubber is made to easily slip over the head of the penis, up to its shaft. You do not want to burst the bubble after a wow foreplay by wasting time wearing a condom. If you must try more than twice to slip it on, then it's time to consider a new condom size.

  1. The wrong condom size hurts your penis

Condoms are not meant to cause the slightest bit of pain, on the contrary, they should make you feel like you are on cloud nine. Tight condoms can lead to discomfort or constricting pain in the penis. Before you conclude that you are allergic or condoms are just not your thing, experiment with a different condom size, in this case, a larger one.

  1. You lose erection after putting on the wrong condom size.

There are many reasons why you can lose erections during an intense sexual moment. Now, reflect on your previous sexual intercourse. Have you ever deflated after dragging on a condom? If yes, the condom was too small and tight for you. Tight condoms reduce circulation or blood supply to your penis, this will only lead to a limp dick. The pain or discomfort a tight condom brings can also lead to the same effect. I know it is devastating for a man to deal with erectile dysfunction, thus the need to fix your condom size.

  1. You have decreased sensation with a wrong condom size

If after wearing your condom you cannot feel anything, then it's time to consider changing the size of your condom. A snug condom is supposed to make you feel closer to your partner, hence if you are getting the opposite then it's an indication that your condom is either too tight or too loose. Also, worrying about the condom size during sex will only distract you and make you lose sensation.

  1. Difficulty reaching orgasm with the wrong condom size.

Imagine the disappointment of no climax after a laudable foreplay, all because you have the wrong condom size. Absent orgasm due to condom size is very common but commonly missed. If your condom feels too tight, it cuts off circulation to the penis and causes you to lose sensitivity. That is no fun!

  1. Condom not reaching the end of the penis shaft

If your condoms do not cover your penis, it only means the condom is too short. The standard condom length is 7.25 – 7.8 inches. A short condom increases exposure to skin-to-skin STIs, and it can even force out sperm from the condom after ejaculation. Did you know that 12 % of men in the United States described their condoms as too short? If you are part of this 12% men, it is time to fix your fit.

  1. Condom slipping off

An ideal condom fit is supposed to stay locked at the shaft of the penis without constricting it. If you find yourself pulling up your condom, it is too big a size for you.

  1. The condom keeps breaking or tearing

Getting the wrong size of condom, either too tight or too big, can cause breakage or tearing, making it ineffective against unwanted pregnancies and STIs.