8 Most Popular Sexual Fantasies To Try With Your Partner

8 Most Popular Sexual Fantasies To Try With Your Partner


It’s time to spice up the bedroom sis and try out some of those sexual fantasies you have when listening to some good ol’ R&B.

According to Healthline, survey results reveal that while 77 percent of Americans want to incorporate their fantasies into their actual sex lives, less than 20 percent have broached the topic with a partner. Sis don’t be apart of that percentage that’s missing out on life because they can’t and won’t communicate.

Don’t feel like you’re alone when it comes to these fantasies either! You’d be surprised to find out how many people have these same fantasies! Maybe it’s taboo sex or it could be role play. Hell, whatever it is what better time to try than now? Tap into that alter ego of yours and check out the 8 most popular sexual fantasies you should try with your partner starting tonight!

Like A Little Thrill?

– Join the mile high club
– Sneak off to the restroom
– Have sex on a boat or outside at a park

Like Playing Games?

– Fantasy dice or card game
– Act out your favorite sex scene
– Let your partner be in control and wear a pair of remote control vibrating underwear in public

Like To Be In Control?

– Grab the blind folds and throw in some handcuffs
– Add a whip to your collection
– Bondage away

Like To Dress Up?

– Be your favorite cartoon characters
– Maybe you’re a little sick and need a check up at the doctor’s office
– Schedule office hours with your professor perhaps

Like Being Watched?

– Tell bae to get the ones and do a strip tease
– Test out your acting skills and have your partner direct you on camera
– Make love in front of the biggest mirror in your crib…maybe even put one on the ceiling

Like A Good Tease?

– Lick something edible off your partner
– Ask your partner for a hot oil massage
– Ever brought ice into the bedroom? So many possibilities to explore

So You Like It Rough?

– Yes we’re grown but some people still need spanking
– Bring out the swing and have your partner tie up your hands and legs
– Agree on a safe word and try some electroplay

Like Taboo Sex?

– Enjoy getting your feet licked?
– Some people enjoy getting their armpits licked…hey it’s a judge free zone
– There’s other holes on the body…try them out