Morehouse grad uses social media, quirky posts to promote his Black-Owned condom brand

Morehouse-grad-uses-social-media-quirky-posts-to-promote-his-Black-Owned-condom-brand B Brand

For B Condoms there is no competition and no crowded marketplace. There is a new king of condoms in town and that is Morehouse graduate Jason Panda, Founder and CEO.

Jason has created the perfect protection with the perfect platinum packaging. It is leading the pack on performance, power, and protection.

“We believe culture is uplifted when we are all part of the discussion. We partner with nonprofits, donate thousands of condoms and work to reduce sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancy, and human trafficking in the Black community,” said Panda.

The brand is focused on targeting Black Americans; however, it is available to all. Jason’s plan is to push social media platforms that discuss sexuality and sexual wellness in frank terms. Jason’s philosophy is that we need to embrace sexuality while protecting ourselves from health hazards. There has also been an increase in Sexually Transmitted Diseases as reported by the CDC in April of 2022, and by USA Today, which makes B Condoms right on the pulse.
A lot of Condoms do a good job on promoting pleasure, while B Condoms actually provides actionable items to experience pleasure. B Condoms Social Media presence is a kind of like, this is a ‘how you do it’ manual. 
B Condoms has over 200 social media posts with giving advice on oral sex, giving instructions, explaining that flirting does not equate to consent, and a video in which interviewees recalled the first orgasm.

You can’t get much more informative and descriptive than that. Sex educators like that the post has a practical bent which makes the brand and the product stand out.